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You just have to check out Matilda Magtree’s unique take on touring Chicago!!

Originally posted on Matilda Magtree:

Drive to the GO Station.
Leave your car.
Take the train to Toronto.
Sit next to a guy who works for the TTC and who has an intercom system in his house so he can contact his children when it’s time for dinner. Discover this and other details of his life. He is a wonderful travelling companion and once at Union Station knows the way to the shuttle bus for Porter Airlines.
Get on said shuttle.
Get on ferry to Toronto’s Billy Bishop tiny island airport .

Make mental note to write a letter. “Dear Porter Airlines: I’m very cross with your greedy antics in trying to expand the island airport. It, and you, happen to be perfect as is.”
Although arriving an hour early, be the last one to board the plane. Blame the free salted almonds and comfy armchairs.

Fly into Chicago’s [also perfect in its smallness] Midway…

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Looking for something creative and unique to make for that special loved one.  Try Linda’s HEARTFLAKE!  I’m going to give it a try and will share the results.  Don’t forget to share yours!

OK … It’s Valentines Day and here’s my heartflake …

Heart Flake (800x722)

Originally posted on Booksphotographsandartwork's Blog:

As I was looking through this Kirigami book by Jeffrey Rutzky I decided to try making the heartflake since this is the month of February.




According to the book this is an adaptation of a design by Cindy Higham. It starts off with a starburst fold and now I will try to take you through the steps to make this heartflake. Goodluck. :)


I should have erased the 6 inch markings but since I did not, just ignore them for the rest of the time.

Fold to the right along the dotted line.

And then fold the same flap back, in half.

Now fold the far right bottom up the the left along side the crease.

Then fold the same flap back, in half the other way.


Draw out the red pattern onto your starburst fold and cut the white parts away.

I used scrapbook paper which was a little…

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A very cool technique for painting ‘dreamy’ leaves from Linda at Booksphotographsandartwork!

Originally posted on Booksphotographsandartwork's Blog:


Paint a leaf with colors of your choice.


Press the leaf onto the paper.


Gage it to see if you will have the right shape.


With more water manipulate the paint into the leaf shape on whatever parts did not transfer. You will get a softer more dreamy effect this way.



Add stems and little dots and specks of color like you normally find on leaves.

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