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Elizabeth is Missing” debut novel of Canadian author, Emma Healey


I am defined these days by the things I am most passionate about. I am a writer, poet and blogger, whose fascination with the natural world also inspires my paintings, mosaics and photography. Depicting my view of the world around me through words, imagery and art is the challenge that energizes.

Writer and Poet …

My enduring passion for creative expression naturally evolved to include the literary arts and most recently, poetry, the breathless pause in the midst of my artistic adventures.

I am drawn to, and invigorated by, writing and poetry. When writing I slip willingly into a brightly lit and infinite time orientation, as if there is no such thing as time. Recently retired, I now pursue these crazy makers full time.

Some of My Stuff ….

Blogger … I feel a strong connection to this dynamic community … the blogosphere fascinates, entertains, inspires and educates.  Promoting the interests and successes of this community to you gives me great joy.  I write on my blog as often as I have something newsy or interesting to say.

Lover of Books …

My passion for books began when I mastered phonetics!  Once I was able to link letters to words, then sentences, paragraphs, pages and stories, I pounced greedily into books.  A really good day is a stormy one when, trapped indoors, I can disappear into a book.

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