I’ve been stalled on Page 3 for about a month now.  The unusual format of this book is compelling.  This novel is about  “… an elderly writer who sets out to transform shoeboxes crammed with notecards into a novel – and in so doing dazzles us with an astonishing parade of revelations about the trials and calamities and absurdities and often … tragedies of the creative life …”.  It appears to be 191 pages of transcribed notecards, and I’ll have to get deeper into the book to see how the author organizes/links the cards in order to move the story forward.  I’m curious and taking it to the cottage bookshelf to see if I can finish it. I’ll keep you posted! 

UpdateNo luck. I just couldn’t get into it, despite its clever format. It’s in the box destined for the used book store.