Here, Carole, has written a thought-provoking piece on photojournalism … “I respect photojournalists a great deal. I just wish we could have our consciousness raised without such graphic and/or invasive depictions.” She asks how some of the more graphic photos help anyone? “Where is the societal gain? Was a line crossed?” I recommend heeding her caution about the graphic nature of the images included in her post.

Crossing the line The other day, I hinted at a topic that’s been on my mind lately. Probably because my son and I visited the Newseum recently and spent some time looking at all the Pulitzer Prize-winning photos. I should warn you that this could be depressing. There are some tough images in this post. One of the Pulitzer photographs was of a dying child in Sudan with a vulture waiting in the background. (You can see the image here.) It was awful, because you knew … Read More

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