I think of poetry in terms of object and symptoms … a line of poetry (object) evokes physical reactions (symptoms): skin bristling, a shiver down the spine, goose bumps, throat constrictions, perhaps tears, or a sensation in the pit of your stomach. The freedom in reading poetry is in not seeking a literal interpretation but to let your senses elucidate. This next post in Mary McIntyre’s Arizona Retreat Series, talks about Dan Gilmore, whose poetry evokes many reactions. He also shares the gift of a few tips for emerging writers.

The Bard of Tucson Guest author, Dan Gilmore, writer of fiction and poetry wins us over. The twinkling in Dan Gilmore’s eyes is for good reason. As guest speaker at the Tucson writers’ retreat facilitated by Allyson Latta and coordinated by Gail Rudyk at Sabino Springs, the local writer enraptured us with his irreverence, good humour and tale … Read More

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