Six Canadian Titles compete for Best First Book

1.  Alexander MacLeod’s Light Lifting
2.  Sarah Selecky’s The Cake is for the Party
3.  Katrina Best’s Bird Eat Bird
4.  Carole Enahoro’s Doing Dangerously Well
5Darcie Friesen Hossack’s Mennonites Don’t Dance and
6.  Miguel Syjuco’s Illustrado.

Six titles represent Canada and the Caribbean for Best Book

1.  Emma Donoghue’s Room
2.  Caroline Adderson’s The Sky is Falling
3.  Jack HodginsThe Master of Happy Endings
4.  Adam Lewis Schroeder’s In The Fabled East
5.  Michael Winter’s The Death of Donna Whalen
6.  Richard B. Wright’s Mr. Shakespeare’s Bastard.

Key Dates:  Regional winners will be announced March 3rd and overall winners on May 21st. 

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