I was at the cottage having breakfast with visiting pals when the call came that my guy was in ER.  I made the two-hour drive in 1.5, leaving pals and dog behind.

How can 3 millimeters of calcium drop a powerful man to his knees?   It could have been so much worse. 

As a result, I feel a little philosophical, looking for more meaning in my daily life.  I pause to examine the tidbits of wisdom in reflections on the past, trying to create a deeper sense of enrichment in now, in my day-to-day experiences, even the mundane moments.

OMG!  Shake off that crap; it’s miles too deep.  This is a good day:   I found time at day break to savour two large coffees from Tim’s feeling rather smug about my pyjama-clad trip through the drive-thru. The phone has stopped ringing incessantly.  For the moment I am not running up and down the stairs with jugs of ice water, thermometer and powerful pain killers.  It’s raining this afternoon, and while he sleeps finally, I’m cocooned in the den doing some favourite things: writing, reading, blogging.  The fearsome headache that started yesterday morning is waning.  

This IS a very good day!