Rodeo at the Drive Thru

I got a late start on the morning today.  At 2:30 am I was still wide awake, watching a movie and waiting for the eyelids to get heavy.  When I woke up at 7:30, I’d had less than 5 hours sleep and really, reeaally need a hit of caffeine. Yesterday had been one of those out of control days, and I hadn’t made it to the market.  There is only de-caf in the cupboard and who needs that first thing in the morning!  Someone a lot less addicted to their two-cup kick-start every day!

I climb into the Jeep and head off to the closest Tim Horton’s.  This used to be my daily routine when I didn’t work from a home office.  Trying to get in line at Timmies after 6:30 am, requires a tedious balance between being polite and aggressive.  To make things worse it’s the second day of school and the drive thru is jammed!  OK, so I’ll just park since there is an abundance of empty spaces, forget the drive thru and go inside.

All this for a coffee?

Get real people! I don’t know which drivers are worse behaved, the angry ones nudging toward the drive thru entrance or the one’s wearing blinders and rolling out the other end with their precious double-doubles!  I can’t get to the front door of Tim’s safely, until I do my best traffic cop impersonation, holding both hands up at arm’s length from the shoulders, stubbornly standing like that until everyone is paying attention!  I’m a tall girl, kind of hard to miss.  Being dishevelled and wearing a caffeine-deprived early morning face (my ‘zero tolerance’ look) it doesn’t take long.

Got mine!  Too bad about your luck …

Once I get my turn at the front of the line, I order my two coffees double-cupped to keep ’em hot because the traffic jam in the parking lot is now insane!  It’s 8:00 am, horns honk, people wave and point, profanities and hand signals reign supreme.  Although watching the rodeo from the safety of the line up inside Tim’s is way better than a book to pass the time.

Back outside I repeat the cop stance but with a cup of Joe in each hand and a toothy grin on my face.  Ok, so I’m evil.

Getting out of the parking lot is the next challenge.  But the Jeep is 9 years old, and when I roll it diagonally into the traffic creeping from both directions toward the drive thru lane, people make way!

Being on horse back isn’t any easier

As I write this, I’ve finished my two soul-soothing jolts of java and thought I’d share this news clip with you … especially if you’re waiting in line at Timmies.

CTV Calgary - Terry Vogt Reports from Lethbridge, Alberta