Outdoor Markets …

After boating home from the new place, I languished in the shower scrubbing away the layer of hard-earned grime from mixing and pouring cement and sweeping rock clean at the bottom of back-hoed trenches preparing it for deck footings and piers.

Calm and squeaky clean, Enya filling the air, I pour a large glass of wine and settle on the bench in the screened porch, taking in the views and sounds of the lake: gentle late-day breeze, golden light as the sun begins its descent, the loons call …  Hmmm, some of that ciabatta loaf and nippy old cheese would be a heavenly addition to these mellow moments.

I was in the kitchen mere moments, just long enough to assemble my treat, and that’s all it took for the winged l’il bugger to be doing a dogpaddle in my glass of red, its pals swarming around the rim!

Yesterday on my trek north, I made my usual stop at a favourite outdoor market, stocking up on fresh fruit, vegetables and tiny jars of various homemade jams and jellies.  Hindsight is 20/20: I should have washed the produce BEFORE I brought it inside and should have tossed the paper bags in the outdoor fireplace.

Think Like a Fly …

Since they like it so bloody much, I transfer a little of the ruined red into the bottom of a champagne flute, shape a page from the scratch pad into a cone, leaving the small end open and snug it, tip down, into the glass … fruit fly trap assembled!

They can travel down the cone to get to the bait but can’t seem to remember how they got there, perhaps intoxicated by the perfume. The paper funnel is tight at the lip of the flute so they can’t get out that way either. Eventually, accepting their fate, they will resume the dogpaddle ’til its over.  What a way to go!

Fresh red and a coaster

Clean glass freshly filled and a coaster to cover the top, serenity momentarily interrupted, resumes.

wikiHow has a long list of suggestions for preventing and getting rid of fruit flies, including alternate bait.