I was having a really, really crappy day but will spare you the list.  I subscribe to Rumpydog’s blog.  About the time I was ready to start throwing dishes and stamping my feet, I got notification of Rumpy’s Limerick Challenge.

My limerick bites the big one, but I couldn’t resist getting in on all the fun:

There once was a game little hipster
y named her ‘The Trickster
‘Trixie’ to us
She makes such a fuss
Arriving home, such a din
she throws back her chin
no barking for her
when happy, a yodeller,
consonants and vowels
near human howls.

Dogs make us more human!

Thanks Rumpydog for making a dark morning shine.

If you take on the limerick challenge, please, please, PLEASE post the link in ‘comments’.