“Breakfast” © Cheryl Andrews

Between Storms …

Breakfast in the cottage screen porch is delightful, more so when between violent storms. Liquid sunshine was all we could ask for this day. It’s an old cottage that sits on tall piers embedded in the Canadian Shield, six steps from the water. When thunder rolls over the lake, it rolls and rolls and rolls and you take it in physically, a vibration filling you up, head to toe. The cottage trembled numerous times during this particular series of storms, and the dog was terrified. When the thunder shook me awake at 2:30 am I admit to being scared myself, especially when the lightning struck the ground nearby twice. Thrilling, actually! This quiet moment between storms seemed golden by contrast, and we made the most of it.

What’s For Breakfast?

My favourite cottage meal … any time of day.  A lip-smacking, comfort food loaded with carbs.  A Dutch woman taught me this many decades ago, when I had my first apartment.  A perfect meal when money was tight, and yet I still love it to this day, especially when I’m in the need for some comforting.

You can feed two people ’til they’re bursting with one each of potato (cubed), onion (chopped) and carrot (shredded), two eggs, three strips of bacon (diced).  It’s a one-pan meal, cooked in layers, slightly more healthy if prepared in a non-stick pan.

First the onions for 3 minutes (brush the pan with a little olive oil if it isn’t non-stick); bacon until the fat is leached, drain off all the fat.  Sprinkle the cubed potatoes on top of the onion and bacon mixture, add a little hot water, turn the heat down, cover with a lid.  When the potatoes are fork tender, make two shallow wells and crack one egg into each.  Sprinkle with the shredded carrot (leaving the eggs clear), salt and pepper to taste.  Cover again and continue cooking.  When the eggs are no longer clear … serve it up with your favourite toast.

A Healthy Concession …

I set out a big bowl of fresh fruit and pitcher of orange juice while breakfast is simmering.

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