Search Engine Terms

Reviewed my blog stats today, thinking it might improve my SEO if in future posts I used some of the more popular search engine terms as tags.  I hope the results listed below give you as much of a laugh on this dull Monday as they did for me.

Dogs making strange noises

These sort of made sense and weren’t difficult to understand: dog squeaking, dogs squeak in sleep, my dog chirps and squeaks and how about dog imitates squeaky toy.  But then there was hippo sunset, scorpions hybernate and someone who wanted to know how do ladybugs walk upside down.

Warts and flutes

Unusual search terms too, my life warts and all and warts what finish with her? I loved the image fruit fly flute put in my head and will take heed from this last one so I never spill a drop of the precious bubbly liquid, champagne flute tighter lip.

Gout, Tim Hortons and ugly townhouses …

And then there were terms that cannot be categorized, andrews antacid for gout, angry drive thru Tim Hortons and someone was looking for a small ugly inner city two story townhouse!

My personal favourite …

My absolute fav and title of this post, yellow squeaky nose toy. Maybe someone was searching for unique body piercings? Dunno! Picture this … someone with yellow squeaky toy nasal piercing … can you imagine what would happen if they sneezed?

If you decide to scroll through your stats and happen upon some wacky search terms, please share them in your comments!