Book Launch at Blue Heron Books

ISBN 978-0-9865850-5-0The much-anticipated Tuesday’s Child: Poems From The Blue Heron arrived last night!  The chapbook is the collaborative work of 8 proud poets, all of us participants in a ten-week course: “Get Published Poetry” at Blue Heron Books with James Dewar.

It’s always been my strategy when I want to improve a skill or develop a budding talent, to look for people who are way better at it than I am.  It worked with my golf game, and it certainly worked here.  When I started this course, referring to myself as a poet made me blush.  What I learned from the other contributors to this book: Christine Barbetta, Bonnie Beldan-Thomson, Theresa Dekker, Siona Drummond, Ron Potter, Leena Rahusaar, Ruth Walker and our instructor, James Dewar, has made it easier to say I’m a poet.

An 18-Year Gestation Period

I wrote my first poem in 1993 … it was rough, emotional and raw.  Ironically, it was inspired by Robert Bly‘s “Iron John” and not his poetry.  During this course I rewrote and refined it, using what I was learning and incorporating the direct, focussed and thoughtful feedback from James.  The peer review process he had the group work through resulted in “Again Today” making it into this chapbook!

How’s that for a measure of success for this program … for 18 years that poem was tucked away, and it only took 10 weeks with James and the other poets to pull it out, dust it off and do the work to make it better.

Buy the Chapbook 

You can purchase Tuesday’s Child: Poems from The Blue Heron directly from the publisher, Piquant Press, here.