The Pulsing  Mystery Gift

6:30 am.  Kitchen.  I want, no need, that first cup of coffee.  What is that sound? An electronic pulse, a signal I haven’t heard before.  Check the fridge.  It’s only 10 years old surely it hasn’t given up … nope, not the source.  Check the alarm system, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, Blackberry, cordless telephone … nope, none of those. 

Pulling myself through the no-java-yet fog, I focus on the pulse best I can.  By now D’s ready for work and has joined the search.  Aha!  Found it!  Oops.

The Back Story

Last night D got into the gift wrapping mood.  I was making up gift boxes of gourmet goodies in the dining room. I’d already slapped his hand away from the chocolate Christmas balls, the miniature chocolate gold bars.  I’d made him put the chocolate coated potato chips BACK in the box destined for his brother.  He gave up on snagging a treat and began rustling paper and ripping tape in the kitchen.  Not pretty wrapping by any stretch of the imagination, functional at best, but he was happy.  His favourite soppy Christmas tunes were blasting and, mercifully, he wasn’t helping me any more. 

Enough Back Story …   

That strange, annoying rapid electronic pulsing was coming straight from one of the gifts he oh so merrily wrapped last night!  While we pull breakfast together (I’m finally sipping that first cup of coffee) and  he’s thinking out loud while rinsing the berries,

“How long has it been doing that?” Duh, I just got up too. 

“Should I unwrap the gift?”  Double duh and fat chance.  He used up his gift wrapping quotient for 2011.

“Just let the batteries run out?”  I’m not re-wrapping your gifts.

“But I never opened the box to insert batteries? Does it take batteries?” 

I’m onto the blessed second cup and moving further away from that sleepy, waking-up-ever-so-slowly state, when the pulsing stops.  Just like someone flicked a switch. Cue the laughter.  Mini-crisis over, no repairs required.

We got back to the business of the day.  Lists made.  Errands sorted. Stocking stuffers discussed.  Harrumph … I get the job of trying to return the $42 six-inch round of cheese he bought at the deli! 

Oh, what was the noise-making gift, you ask? An alarm clock … in a sealed box … powered by old-fashioned AC !  Go figure.

Happy Holidays Everyone!