I was removing the greeting cards from the shelf this morning automatically sorting them, setting aside those that would make great recycled boxes.   Making the boxes is pretty straightforward, doesn’t require any special tools or equipment and could keep the kids occupied for a couple of hours.  The miniature boxes are also an attractive way to gift small items; sometimes I match up a particular card box with a gift for the original sender.

Here’s how to do it.

Tools:  All you need is a glue stick, ruler, pencil and scissors.  To keep the box surfaces free of glue, use an old magazine as a gluing station, turning to a fresh page for each glue application. That way you don’t have to worry about messing up the work surface either when applying glue all the way to the edges.

Cut the card along the fold, making two halves.  Trim edges of both so they are the same size.  Front card panel will be the top of the box and the back panel the bottom.

Start with the top of the box.  Flip the front panel face down and find the middle: with a ruler draw diagonal lines between opposite corners making a large X … exact middle is the centre of the X.

Fold both sides and the ends to the centre of the X. Crease the folds.

Make two cuts on each end to create two tabs and an end flap.  Glue down the tabs either to the inside or outside of the end flap … your choice, depending on the look you want.

If you are making a rectangular box, trim off the excess of the end flap or fold it over and glue it to lock down the tabs.

Repeat the steps for the bottom of the box using the back panel of the greeting card.  NOTE: Fold the four sides just slightly past the centre of the X to make the bottom of the box smaller.

You may want to cover any handwriting with paper or cloth lining.

If you have a circular punch, you can also cut half moons on two sides of the box top to make it easier to open.

If you decide to give it a try …

Please post a link to pictures of the boxes in ‘Comments’ … I’d love to see your creations.

Happy Holidays!