Eating Out

There can be a downside to being south for ten weeks of an ugly Canadian winter: eating out

I’m a fledgling snowbird and loving the climate change, but not the shift in my personal equator. Last time I bulged like this was about 35+ years ago, and it took nine months to get here.  Time to get serious about how much I’m eating or buy a whole new wardrobe!

The Lean Dish Perspective

On the whole, I eat smart, but I became suspicious that my home-cooked portions have gradually increased to restaurant size and decided to put that assumption to the test by putting a frozen lean dinner in the shopping cart.  The shot below compares the lean dish to my dinner plate … yikes! 

My first response, “Is that all there is?” But this morning I used the lean dish to measure my typical breakfast portion, and it held (without cheating or mounding) …

  • 3/4 cup of toasted whole grain oat cereal (recommended on the box for children under 4)
  • 1/4 cup milk 
  • 1/2 each peach and banana

So breakfast isn’t the portion problem and lunch is usually a sandwich on multi-grain bread or a salad. 

Portion Control?

Dinner time is when most of the eating out occurs and is the portion control culprit! You should have heard the tummy rumbling last night when I finished the lean portion.  At least I know where, or should I say when, to focus! 

The Goal?

The lean dish will take up permanent residence on the kitchen counter while I wrestle my evening-time appetite to the proper size!  And speaking of ‘size’, my portion-control goal is to get comfortably back into the lovely new swimsuit I purchased when I first arrived in Fort Myers a month ago!