A great list of links to sources and resources for self-publishing from Bo Rivers.

The Hack Novelist also offers excellent advice on blogging your book here.

Ritchie White's

This week I decided to add the links that I used to self-publish my work, create my covers, ebook  publish, and so much more.I have done so much research as a writer/author, and can tell you first hand that I need to learn more. I hope that you will find these links helpful in your journey to becoming an author too.

The first few websites are writing community websites, and are great for meeting other authors, and writers that share your interests,and genres:


My favorite writers community


This is an online writing community


This is a online creative writing community


A writing community for all skill levels and genres

The next and some of the most important links in my list are bloggers that blog about writing, publishing, etc. These websites will help in some of the greatest ways possible, and most of them offer free…

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