Teaching Hands

“Hands.  Hands can be instrumental in a photo – they emphasis, they hide, they reveal. They can be the star of the show, or just a prop to help the main attraction stand out better…”  (Sara Rosso, The Daily Post at WordPress.com)

In this shot my grandson learns to clean the first fish he ever caught!  His is the smaller hand holding the tail fin.  The larger hands are those of our neighbour on the lake who took B. out for his first fishing trip.  The boat was pulling away from the dock when B. snagged this fish about 10 feet out – a large northern pike.  He had never worked a rod and reel before and everyone thought he’d caught a rock or old log at the bottom of the lake!

“First Catch” © Cheryl Andrews

It was the only catch of the day!  Tradition also holds that you have to cook and eat your first catch … pike are riddled with bones, but everyone dug in.

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