Blovel Launched!

My sister, Cid Couture-White, possesses a writer’s soul and has been writing (and hiding) stories most of her life.

Serial Paint, which she refers to as a blovel (blog/novel), is her first significant venture into the world of writing.  She has decided to “brazenly do it in public” by launching a blog of the same name.

I am going to share the installments with you here.

Cid is still learning and hopes you enjoy what you read in the spirit in which it is shared.

SERIAL PAINT : Part 1 (Excerpt)

The sudden, shrill sound of shattering glass disconnected Lou from her thoughts.  Instinctively she turned toward the front doors, squinting into the dimness, pupils dilated and heart racing.  Once she recognized every flawed ripple of the old glass in the French doors was intact, she relaxed her lungs and released the air she’d trapped there.  Lou now turned back to search the workshop for the source of the sound.  Her mouth still slightly agape, ready to allow a scream to escape if needed, Lou spotted the source.  Glass shards and a tin lid from one of the paint thinner jars was shattered against the baseboard on  the wall opposite her.  The familiar, pungent odor of paint thinner assaulted her olfactory senses, the watery puddle rippling as the glass shards still rocked slightly from the impact.

It only took half a moment for Lou to realize what had happened.  She had thrown the jar herself...

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