This week’s theme is a bit different  – it’s about today, this day. There are no rules or guidance on what to post other than the photo must be taken today! No cheating! I can’t go into my photo archives and can’t link to an old post.  I am to get my camera out, right now, and snap a picture to share with you!

“Rescued” © Cheryl Andrews

TODAY is a miserable, cold, windy and wet day.  So wet that the subway system in Toronto is flooded at Union Station.  When I heard the weather blow in, I ran to the front garden and rescued the white peonies that were ready to pop!  The rescued peonies are under the protection of the roof line in a vase while I take this shot. Their neighbour in the garden, the grafted lilac tree wasn’t so lucky.  The heavy rain knocked the daylights out of it – evidence on the walkway.

Since TODAY is about rain, I took another shot of something I hope gives you a chuckle.  The handle of my favourite umbrella split last week.  I complained about it to D.  Until I reached for it today, I didn’t realize he had fixed it – with whatever that thingy is.  Did I mention he’s an accountant?

“Rescued Too” © Cheryl Andrews

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