Create.  The best part about creating something is being in the moment, relishing the creativity you’re experiencing, and letting your actions guide you to an end goal. Then you can step back and admire your work! The W in the WordPress logo, was something many people from the team created one night at dinner with some round magnets. We snapped a picture to preserve our creation. (Sara Rosso)

“Vision” a collage by Cheryl Andrews©

Toronto intimated me when I first moved to the GTA for a new job in 1992.  I wasn’t giving the city much of a chance so I enrolled in a “Women in Art” course at George Brown College, which meant taking the commuter train downtown to Union Station on Saturday mornings.  I introduced myself, on foot, to the city and quickly fell in love with everything Toronto has to offer.  My favourite part of the course was collage journaling.

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