This is a shot inside my home office, the place where my husband fears to tread!  He is a neat freak about his work space and often stands on the threshold of my office waving my mail at me.  I can find anything I’m looking for in here in seconds, but then, so can he.

I think this photo allows a look inside not just my space but provides lots of clues about some inner things, those things I appreciate most about my life:  the laptop where I write poetry and short stories; the dog’s bed for The Trickster, my Norfolk Terrier, to join me while I’m in the office; my mother’s cane on the wall – I plan to use it when I get old;  a symbol of my Irish heritage (the Bodhran with the hand-painted triskele emblazoned on the front) to mention just a few.  You can’t see the shelves stuffed with books and an array of family photos.  But, the umbrella is right there inside the door representing the fickle Canadian weather and beside it, the keys to my Jeep … I love, love, love road trips.

“My Space” ©Cheryl Andrews

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