Among their many gifts, I believe dogs make us more human.  One of my Wordless Wednesday Pals, Kristen, and I both posted pooch pics on 12 September 2012.  Today she shared the source of her inspiration for the image she chose.

Close & Low by Jeff Winch is funny and sad, warms the heart and makes you cry, triggers memories and invites you to play, to laugh:

Thank you, Kristen.  Your timing couldn’t have been better.  I spent the morning shredding my old life, the business I sold a few years ago,  to make way for the new, retirement at the lake house currently under construction.  I couldn’t fully understand all the emotions that shrank and surged through my body and mind like storm waters on the shore.

I watched the video Kristen shared.  My stress and anxiety evapourated (after a good cry), and I feel human, again.