The form is the villanelle, a nineteen-line poem of five tercets (three-line stanzas) and on concluding quatrain (four lines). Two lines are repeated in a specific rhyme scheme.

This dialogue too intricate
you entrust it to me.
Is restraint all we have left?

Did I choose what you want?
Are you happy for me?
The dialogue is so intricate.

Stripped down since you quit,
what is it you see?  This
unfinished scheme is all I have left.

You pass through with light,
leave all behind.  Touch me?
This dialogue so intricate.

Language of essence, a test,
sooner breathe you in, by degree
if artificial calm is all I have left.

Shadowy dreams of late.
Are you here now with me?
The dialogue is intricate, yet
this ragged path is all I have left.

Published in the collection, Tuesday's Child: Poems from The Blue Heron
(Piquant Press, December 2011)
Copyright © 2011 Cheryl Andrews