C.B. Wentworth writes about Staying Motivated as she completes her second novel. Check out her personal list of nine (9) things that keep topping up her motivation well!

C.B. Wentworth

When I set the goal to finish my second novel in September, I had no idea that decision would jolt my already strong work ethic into an absolute frenzy. By the end of September my nerves were shot, my brain fried, and my body utterly exhausted. Yet, here I am more than halfway through October with the same schedule. Not only am I beginning to question my sanity, but so is everyone else.  Where does this drive come from and why do I keep pushing myself? The answer to these questions is easy: I am motivated.

Motivation is a fickle thing as it ebbs and flows within the mind. There are days where I can’t type fast enough and others where I’m so exhausted that pressing a key seems like a monumental task. On the days when sitting on my couch is much more appealing than packing up my stuff…

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