bigstock-Get-Started-Crossword-11506433I launched a new page on my blog today “Open Season 2013“.

I made a promise to myself to enter a few contests this year and thought you might want to join me!  I’ve read your “stuff” my blogger pals … what a talented bunch of writers and poets!

I’ve started a list of contests … check it out! This will not be a comprehensive list. As I discover contests I would like to enter, I’ll add them to the new page chronologically by contest deadline.

Open?  The contests on the list will be open to Canada, US and abroad. If you become aware of an open contest and let me know, I’ll add it to the list.

Why not give it a go?  Since your writings were the inspiration for this new page, when you enter a contest, let me know at, and I’ll put the link to your blog under the contest listing so we can all cheer you on!