Brian Cooney’s checklist for buying a new camera is right on point. Number 5 “Haggle” is interesting. I’ve done this in the past and accepted additional options and accessories in lieu of a price markdown … good as money in my books. The last two cameras I purchased were at a Photography Exhibition … expertise, options, markdowns galore, but as Brian advises, I did my homework first and new exactly what I was looking for before I walked into the show.

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Are you in the market for a new camera but not sure how to go about it?  Without going through the myriad of different options, features and functions available in a camera there a few basic steps that will make your life a lot easier

1.  What is your budget?

Before you start looking in earnest I encourage you to decide how much money do you have to spend?  In my own experience this makes life a lot easier and clears up your thinking considerably.  When you have set your budget and you know how much money you have to spend the pressure is off and you can focus on what you want for your money from a camera.

2.  Features and benefits.

Camera manufacturers love to tell you all the super new things their camera can do, how many mexapixels it has, how many frames per second it…

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