Redo, revise or throw it away but don’t wait around for your muse to strike.  Brian Cooney shares a clear message!

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Struggling with motivation to start something?  Have you spent hours wondering what the problem is?  You have considered the weather, the time of year, the location even your gear but you can’t seem to get it together.  Maybe you think if you had that new piece of equipment?  A new shiny camera, gleaming in the window of your favorite shop, winking at you, whispering “buy me and all your problems will be no more” and your mouth is watering as you imagine holding it and looking through the view finder.  Well this post might just save you some money then!

I was on the Open College of the Arts Flickr forum last week and I found these wise words from one of the tutors Peter J Haveland:

As an artist, regardless of medium, one awakes, shakes the sleep out of one’s head, breakfasts in one’s chosen way and faces the…

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