Splashed on the walls of cities, in batches of flowers in gardens, in the doodles of students, and on the palettes of artists, color is everywhere: it may represent our mood, and it can affect our mood.  In photography, you can use a spectrum of colors to bring a place to life, or focus on a single shade to make a bold statement. Conversely, you can shoot in black-and-white or remove color in editing mode for a different effect. (Cheri Lucas)

Photo by Cheryl Andrews

“Dimpled” Photo by Cheryl Andrews©

Duo Tones.

This experiment in Duo Tones required framing to contain the focal point.  My colour choice, yellow, initially bled out of the frame creating a visual distraction.  Duo Tones does a better job than the filters I tried in accurately depicting the irregular dimpled flesh of this unripened orange.

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