Whether you are a pet owner or not,  The Numpty Novice has shared this absolutely delightful conversation with her pets. ENJOY!

The numpty with a camera

Bit of info on Jack and Greyhounds in general. Up to last year Jack was a racing greyhound who was trained by Jean L Mccombe and raced at Belle Vue in Manchester. His racing name is Vatican Stein. Apparently he was a pretty good racer and was class A which is pretty high up (I can’t explain more I know little about the racing side of things, but I have been told he was worthy of note and he does turf up on google under his racing name). He was retired last year due to injury and stayed at the kennels with Jean until ‘Greyhounds In Need’ could find him a home. Which they did, with me.

Until he came to live with me Jack had never lived in a house. He had never had a walk outside of the training ground. Never seen or been up and down stairs…

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