My Uncle Frank has taken up painting.  He inspires me.  Actually, he always has. Uncle Frank is 80 something!  Here’s his latest piece, a first effort painting the human face. He calls it a ‘labour of love’. My question to him, “How does it feel to have your labour of love, love you right back?”.


My uncle talks about the process … 

Uncle FrankIt was a journey, I’ll tell you. There were times when I had serious doubts I would ever get it right. I learned plenty going through the process: sketching, changing the sketch, reading up on how to produce skin tones and blushing cheeks. Each advance was a challenge. The more I did, the more I began to understand. The first thing I had to learn was that knowledge is like an ever expanding sphere. The more it grows, the more it touches on points of the unknown. Throughout the experience I have touched on many points of the unknown. I feel humbled by the passage but I will soon be at it again.

Here’s an earlier work, a gift for our new home.


Uncle Frank also writes.  Here’s where you can read my favourite of his stories, “Ginger Was Like That“.