I love to start my day reading a little poetry while sipping a steaming hot coffee in my favourite chair with a view of the lake. From my poetry shelf,  I pull down, at random, a book of poetry and like stabbing a finger to a map to choose a chance destination, I flip the book open to an arbitrary page.

So, without judgment or censorship, I’m going to share whatever I find on that random page with you.

Today’s off the shelf selection is Mark Strand’s, “Almost Invisible“. 

“The Students of the Ineffable”

What I am about to say happened years ago. I had rented a
house by the sea. Each night I sat on the porch and wished for
some surge of feeling, some firelit stream of sound to lead me
away from all that I had known.  But one night, I climbed the
hill behind the house and looked down on a small dirt road
where I was surprised to see long lines of people shuffling into
the distance. Their difficult breathing and their coughing were
probably caused by the cloud of dust their march had created.
“Who are you and why is this happening?” I asked one of
them. “We are believers and must keep going,” and then he
added, “our work is important and concerns the self.” “But all
your dust is darkening the stars,” I said. “Nay, nay,” he said, “we
are only passing through, the stars will return.”

I’d love to hear what you think about the poem and/or the poet, your reactions, what feelings or memories the piece evokes.  Care to share?