I love to start my day reading a little poetry.  Usually I pull a book of poetry off the shelf and choose a poem at random. Today is a little different.

I’ve just discovered Michel Pleau and his beautiful collection, “Eternity Taking Its Time“, winner of the Governor General’s Award for French-Language Poetry.

Here’s the introduction … it blew me away.Eternity _Taking _Its _Time_FRONT_COVER

dawn is nothing but childhood
protected by a very old cat
like light under the door

never is the sky slower than
in the water of a fountain
where all the blue in the world is caught

the fire of that time has begun
and memory already
looks like the reflection of a tree
lost in the river

Translation of La lenteur du monde by Howard Scott.

Publisher:  Bookland Press Inc. of Markham, ON.

ISBN: 978-1-926956-31-2