"Winged Things" by Cheryl Andrews

“Winged Things” by Cheryl Andrews©

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On Wednesdays all over the internet bloggers post a photo with no words to explain it. The idea is the photo says so much it doesn’t need a description.

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For you Barbara, since you asked, the common names of these “Winged Things”, left to right by row:

Top row:
* White dotted Prominent
* Tiger Wing, Cream Spotted
* Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
* Orange Banded
* Virginia Tiger Moth

Middle Row:
* Fork-Tailed Woodnymph
* The centre three Dragon Flies were photographed on our property
* Zebra Heliconian

Bottom Row:
* White Morpho
* Blue Morpho
* Great Orange Tip
* Imperial Moth
*Blinded Sphinx

Larger and higher resolution images of these winged beauties can be seen on my photo blog.