downloadOnce in a while at random I pull down a book of poetry from the shelf. Like stabbing a finger to a map to choose a chance destination I flip the book open to a random page. Without judgment or censorship, I share what I find there with you.

Today I pulled The Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology 2014, at page 98 … Anne Michaels from Correspondences. 

I’d love to hear what you think, your reactions, what feelings or memories the piece evokes.

Sometimes we are led through the doorway
by a child, sometimes
by a stranger, always a matter of grace changing
the past, for if there is anything we must change
it is the past. To look back
and see another map.

Love enough to fill
a shoe, a suitcase, a bit of ink,
a painting, a child’s eyes at the chalkboard,
a bit of chalk, a bit of
bone in ash.

All that is cupped,
all that is emptied

the rush of water from a pump,
a word spelled out
on the palm.

Publisher: The Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology 2014, House of Anansi Press
ISBN: 978-1-77089-449-5

Publisher: Correspondences, McClelland & Stewart
ISBN-13: 978-0771056512

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