themparkEvery so often I pull down a book of poetry from the shelf.

Then, like stabbing a finger to a map to choose a chance destination I flip the book open to a random page. Without judgment or censorship, I share what I find there with you.

Today I pulled ‘thempark’ by michael farrell, random poem tit for tat, at page 10.

I’d love to hear what you think, your reactions, what feelings or memories the piece evokes:

tit for tat

happy, apparently, trailing a stubby finger
down the stripes of berts front like its scissors
hunting for a nipple

two can play but context is all –
would you like to come upstairs?
will bert always route his selfpity through
ironys lonely spacey levels? where are the tapestries?

a little inside trading later a little bubbly
in the bath & duckplay.
a damp hand on a soggy leg
cigars & seinfeld. theres got

to be less out there than this,
muppets who dont get to kiss, loaded, racking up timeshares
the metre running for joy.
plenty people broke their necks back then, & doctors werent just

000 away, ernie pockets one of berts
objets dart wishing his pockets bigger, better.
an ipod world, everyones got old favourites even if
they werent born when recored, & cable golddigger
films structure all ernies thought,

he cant take his grin off.

Publisher: Book Thug
ISBN: 978 1 897388 75 4

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