Shaena Lambert

You know how when you have a scrumptious treat you know just won’t last?  So you eek it out a wee, delicious morsel at a time?

That’s how I feel about Shaena Lambert’s collection of short stories, “Oh, My Darling”.  I’m savouring one story at a time. Always early morning when everyone else is asleep. I cozy up in the overstuffed, red chair under the big lamp. Shaena tells me a story, and I listen, entranced. And this is how the day begins …just so.


Only four of ten stories left.  How slowly can I read, and re-read, to make this delectable delight last, and last?

Another favourite Canadian author is Lisa Moore who says Sheana’s collection is “Fist-pump marvellous.”  It is.

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 978-1-44342-434-9