Renewal … the replacing or repairing of something that is worn out, run-down, or broken

As I made the three-day drive out of snow country to winter in the south I became fully aware how worn out and run-down I was physically – not quite broken. A simple surgery in the summer was frustratingly slow to heal, preventing my body from returning to its usual high levels of vitality.

As the miles flew by, I focused on the sun, on the notion that it would heal me.

And, it is.

So, how do I know this? What’s the ‘tell’ that renewal is taking place? Most pronounced proof – I’m eating again, truly enjoying food again, and lots 20160518_073834of everything. Woo hoo!

My mind leaps again … to the walk I take up north early every Spring, camera gear slung over my shoulder. I go out in the woods so soon into the thaw of that new season that wellies and raincoat are required. I search the forest floor for proof that what was ‘not quite broken’ by the end of a harsh autumn, will come back fresh and new and vibrant.

I’m already looking forward to the forest-floor walk of 2017 and offer this favourite image from last spring that personifies renewal.

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