That won’t happen …

Ever put your name on a waiting list and thought, “That’ll never happen”?

I jumped a while back at the chance to take part in the Muskoka Novel Marathon. It’s an annual fundraising event supporting YMCA Muskoka’s adult literacy programs. My reflexes aren’t what they used to be. I didn’t leap fast enough to get in. But, I did put myself on the waiting list, just in case.

Well just in case happened — I got the call. Someone cancelled. My name was at the top of the list, and I’m in! A wee bit late to the game, but I made it.

So in addition to hanging out for three days (July 14 to 17) with a bunch of other writerly types who will also be enduring sleep deprivation, occasional technical difficulties and characters who won’t do what we want them to do, I’ll be raising funds for adult literacy programs at the Y. They help about 200 people per year offering free instruction in reading, writing, math, computer skills, life skills and English as a second language.

The Y’s goal is to raise $36,000 this year.  My personal goal is to contribute $1,500 toward that. Donations can be made at

And, yup, I am excited and just a wee bit apprehensive about spending 72 hours with 39 other crazy, er, I mean dedicated souls to support literacy in Muskoka. There is just something so appealing, so very fitting about writers supporting readers.

Thank you!