Over the last couple of visits to my favourite book store in Parry Sound, Bearly Used Books,  I found the most incredible treasure, three books of poetry from Black Moss Press, (publisher with a focus on Southwestern Ontario), specifically the Palm Poets Series.  Three posts coming to you over the next week or so.

Post I of III:

The Red Dress by Mary Ann Mulhern

Random poem shared here without judgment or censorship, at page 75, is leaving – from the front door.

I’d love to hear what you think, your reactions, what feelings or memories the piece evokes:

leaving – from the front door

sister patrick thomas
teaches english
in the girls’ academy

tells her students
she is leaving
from the front door

the next morning
three hundred girls
in blue uniforms
form a guard of honour
down an oak staircase
along marbled halls
sister patrick thomas
walks through
smiling, waving,
tossing long black hair,
wearing high heels,
a bright red miniskirt

Publisher: Black Moss Press
ISBN: 0-88753-379-5

Part II: The Red Madonna by Dianne Joyce

Part III: Zigzags by Roger Nash

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