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My pal, Mary McIntyre, invited me along on another of her amazing photo-journalling treks recently.  We were indoors this time … it was a chilly day. Check out her post and photographs about Harry’s 100 year old Woodworking Shop at the top of a narrow, wooden staircase above Schell Lumber in Stouffville, Ontario. 

Camera Combo

Schell's 2nd storey woodworking shop, Edward St., Stouffville, Ontario Schell’s 2nd storey woodworking shop, Edward St., Stouffville, Ontario

My photo-safari buddy, Cheryl Andrews, and I crept up worn treads in the narrow staircase leading to Harry Schell’s  100-year old woodworking shop.

Located above Schell Home Building Centre we found 86-year old craftsman, Harry, working at his desk, which he does 5 days a week. After introductions, Harry kindly permitted us to photograph a significant piece of history in my Ontario town, Stouffville.

IMG_3796Wesley Schell purchased the lumber business in the 1920s (originally an 1878 planing mill ), and years later turned it over to sons, Harry and Percy. Harry managed the mill workshop, while brother Percy managed the office. Long before Wesley died in 1984, he and his sons had converted the machinery from steam-driven to electric. The family expanded their services to become Stouffville’s hardware and lumber experts. Their cornerstone of their business is sound knowledge, friendly service and ingenuity.

Harry Schell Harry Schell

Today, the brothers’ children and grandchildren work in the sprawling lumber yard, gardening…

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