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It’s the first great snowfall of the winter and the solstice is a week away! When the squalls blow like this, I stay indoors for the most part. Other than obligatory constitutionals for the dogs, I don’t don my adult version of a snowsuit unless absolutely necessary. Poetry reigns over these snow days.

That said, here’s another random selection at Page 16 from Pat Schneider‘s, Another River: New and Selected Poems


There comes a day in the numb time
when you are everywhere
— in the trees, in the air,
in the waters of my mind.
Behind each tree, high above me,
star, meteor, night itself around me,
you are sound when sound is comforting,
you are taste when taste is good.
Wood and stone in every field
hold hieroglyphs: your name
shields me from despair.
The air I breathe is spirit.
Nowhere now without you.

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