Postcards About Everyday Living

I started blogging for perfectly selfish reasons. I’m writing a book and a web profile is one more check list item that could help a wannabe writer get published.

I love reading your blogs and have discovered this virtual community I care about.  You blog about your passions, writing about every day living in honest, clear, candid and humourous voices. I read your amazing posts about life, and I learn.

About This Page

I want to blog more about my life. This page is about how I respond to things that happen in my world every day …  things that inspire and confuse, that make me laugh, cry, growl, grind my teeth or that push me to the limits of tolerance.

Short Shorts

I will try to be brief and only write short shorts … maybe even keep them under 450 words! (Hah)  Those who know me well understand the huge challenge brevity is for this self-acknowledged motor mouth.  No one can overtake a conversation (written or verbal) as quickly, loudly or passionately as I can!

These postcards about life come from me to you, and I can’t wait to hear back!