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This is the last of three posts from the Palm Poets Series published by Black Moss Press.  Time for another treasure hunting trip to my favourite book store in Parry Sound, Bearly Used Books.   Fingers crossed there will be another one or two from the Series on the poetry shelf.

Post III of III:

Zigzags by Roger Nash

Random poem shared here without judgment or censorship, at page 44, is Winter Washing-Line from Roger Nash.

I’d love to hear what you think, your reactions, what feelings or memories the piece evokes:


On wash-day mornings in winter,
after hearing the hubbub of world-news,
we hang out clothes on the line
to freeze-dry at 30 below.
Jeans immediately stand stiffly
to attention, all board-hard
blue backbone, though slightly frayed.
Shirts form disciplined barriers
of sanforized, striped and swaying shields.
Ready for riots of winds.
Socks cock pre-shrunk grey
pistols. And panties peg out
systems of rigidly regimented geometry,
one triangle for each equilateral
day of the week. How else
to keep order in a noncompliant world?

Publisher: Black Moss Press
ISBN: 978-0-88753-567-3

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