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Fellow writers, Daryl L. L. Houston does a great job of clarifying the difference between metaphor and simile. I’m keeping this post as a reference point. A writing pal recently told me I’d used a mixed metaphor in a line of poetry.  She was right and now with Daryl’s help, I can fix it … I think!

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Last week, Cheri featured a Freshly Pressed blog and suggested that apt use of metaphor had contributed to the post’s appeal. So I thought I’d take a few minutes to consider metaphor and its figurative cousin simile in a little more detail.

Language is inherently metaphoric in a broad sense, as we use sounds and written symbols as substitutes for items and concepts that exist in the world. It’s little surprise, then, that we’re fond of making further figurative leaps and expressing some of these symbols in terms of others. But there are different ways of making these little leaps, and the two that’re perhaps the most well-known are metaphor and simile.

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