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Nature fascinates me.  This week’s challenge provided an opportunity to share two images that show just how intriguing nature can be.

I.  From this …

“Husk” © Cheryl Andrews

Hard to believe that the dragonfly evolves from this.  You can see the hole (weakness) in the back of the exoskeleton where it made its push to flight.

II. To this …

“Winged Thing” © Cheryl Andrews

These delicate and mysterious creatures are always met with resounding cheers at the cottage when their short season begins … their preferred diet is mosquitos!

This beauty must have been lulled by the morning sun, or perhaps it had just emerged from it’s former state pictured above.  It rested on the railing right beside the screen door for over a minute.  I was able to set up and take several shots before it flew away.

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