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My artzy fartzy nature has been severely cramped over the past year while building a new house. I’m at the tail end of a ten-day getaway and am grateful for this stolen bit of time that fed that part of me.

  • I finished one book and started another.
  • I took a bucket load of photos with my Samsung phone camera.  Met my goal to become familiar with this tool.
  • I continued the struggle to perfect a  favourite poem that just won’t quite come together (yet).  A labour of love.
  • I’m working on a short story triggered by a dream (what could be more fun).
  • And yesterday I worked through this water colour mock up on canvas board of one of my photos that I want to paint BIG with lots of texture and layers in acrylics. It will be the inaugural piece when my studio in the new house is finished.

Cheryl Andrews©

I am full again!!!  Woo Hoo!

Home tomorrow and back to the construction zone …