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“M” © Cheryl Andrews

We are a blended family, and it was tough to come up with one image that represented all of us.  So I let myself wander through family photographs … emotionally … and this is the one that stood out.  Why?  It seems odd that my heart would select a shot that shows only one child, let alone a shot from our beginnings, even before I knew I would marry D. and his three children.

M., who is 25 years old now,  is sitting at the bow, holding the rail, feet dangling as our boat full of ‘future family’ cruised this lake, slowly and deliberately, just taking it in.  It was a moment of serenity for all aboard as so often happens when people choose to re-connect with the awe of nature.  Perhaps this shot symbolized the future none of us could imagine when it was taken.

I took the emotional selection one painterly step further, sliding my cursor over the colour selections available in Neon by Picnik until I felt it again … this golden yellow said it all.

Today our family is 12 and still growing.

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