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A wonderful array of images from Pearls & Prose of MY VERY FIRST CAR! Of course it wasn’t in this mint condition even back then. Someone before me had NOT loved it and I lost parts at every bump in the road – railroad tracks were it’s final demise. Thanks for this nostalgia trip, P&P. I will stroll through these photos whenever I feel lonely for my youth!

Pearls & Prose

You will see some great-looking vintage cars in California. Probably because the weather is so much easier on them. We spotted this Thunderbird one afternoon last month and even though the light was lousy and I had the wrong lens, I couldn’t resist shooting.


I believe it’s from the 50s.


Talk about mint condition. We didn’t see a smudge, let alone scratch, anywhere.


The white parts were really white, after all those years.


Yes, you can see yourself in the red finish as well as the chrome.


I was soon surrounded by guys in their twenties snapping away on their iPhones. They very graciously gave me room to shoot.


Probably no seat belts, and most certainly no headrests, but oh so beautiful to look at.



Somehow, the front of the car isn’t as great as the rest.


Kudos to whoever restored this beauty.


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