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Yesterday, on the quiet, paved road that connects with the highway into town, I noticed a doe standing tall on a low ridge of rock about 300 meters away on my side of the road.  I was in a hurry but slowed down, not sure what she would do next. The doe stepped off the ridge and onto the shoulder. I slowed down even more, and as she stepped onto the highway, came to a full stop.

She started walking toward me on my side of the yellow line. I held my breath waiting for her to leap off the road and disappear at any moment. Instead she came all the way up to the hood of my Jeep, so close only her shoulders and head were visible.  I could see her luscious, black eyelashes and trace the dark fringe of her overly large ears.

In a matter-of-fact, no-nonsense way she checked me out through the windshield, while I did the same of her. This stare down was my closest encounter with a deer.

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Image Source:

I did not reach for my cell phone/camera zipped securely in my purse on the passenger seat. I just knew that if I moved this living dream would end.

‘Til my dying day I will swear she smiled at me, then turned and sauntered across the highway and up the ridge into the bush on the other side.

This all took place in just under three minutes, but I will remember it forever.

Ain’t Nature grand?

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